Frequently Asked Questions

  • Discolored, pale skin patches with or without sensory loss. Skin patches may be dry with less sweating. There can be loss of hairs within the lesions.
  • Skin coloured or reddish nodules on the skin.
  • Facial change with puffiness of face, nodules in forehead, earlobes and chin with nasal stuffiness
  • Painless ulcers on soles & feet. In late stage of disease, deformities of hands and feet can be seen.

It spread through the respiratory tract as a droplet infection.


Once the organisms enter someone’s body it may take about 3 to 5 years for symptoms to appear. Only about 10% who are infected will develop symptoms of leprosy

Yes. It is given free of charge from government skin clinics.


visit the closest Government hospital skin clinic or Central Leprosy Clinic at OPD, Room no – 12, National Hospital Sri Lanka, Colombo 10 (0112696444).

After one week of starting treatment transmission  of leprosy to another person is minimal.

Anti leprosy campaign has initiated a help line service for the general public & Health staff. You need to take a clear image of the skin patch and send it to the Central Leprosy Clinic WhatsApp number (0754088604). Then the central leprosy clinic will guide you accordingly. You can get information about leprosy from this WhatsApp number as well.

You have to send the below mentioned details along with a clear image of the skin patch.

  • Your age
  • Living area
  • How long the spot has been present
  • How many spots are present ?
  • Where is it located in the body?
  • Are symptoms like itching, burning, tingling present on the skin patch?
  • Have you applied any creams before, and if so what?


When taking the photo

  • It is best if the photo can be taken under natural light conditions.
  • Make sure to include the entire spot and surrounding skin area.
  • Make sure that the image is sharp enough when enlarged.

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