National Level Achievements

Sri Lanka has eliminated leprosy as a public health problem in the year 1995. The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined “elimination of leprosy as a public health problem” as the number on treatment become less than one per 10,000 population. World has achieved this target in the year 2000, that is five years after Sri Lanka has achieved the target.


Introduction of Multi Drug Therapy (MDT) for the leprosy in the year 1983 and the launch of the first ever social marketing campaign  contributed a lot in achieving the elimination target.

Treatment Completion Rate

According to 2018 leprosy statistics, 864 New MB patients have started MDT treatment and among them 714 patients (82.6%) have completed their treatment within 18 months. 38 patients (4.4%) became loss to follow up.

In year 2018, 384 New PB patients have started MDT treatment, and among them 342 patients (87.9%) have completed treatment within 9 months. Among them 12 patients (3.1%) became loss to follow up.